Our Roots

Nick's Ristorante's roots come from the Delmonte Family from a small town just outside of Naples, Italy by the name of Montaguto.  Our Grandmother, Anna Delmonte (Nunni) was born and raised in Montaguto as part of the Garafalo family who then married into the Delmonte's and ultimately settled in Youngstown, Ohio where Nick was born.  Nunni lived with Nick and his parents as they traveled the world as an Army Family.  Nunni's teachings and Uncle Al's Bar in
Youngstown provided the impetus for Nick to know that he would one day be in the business of making people happy via food and drink.  After 44 + years with the Army along with his late wife of 50 years, Sherry, and late brother Dave they opened Nick's Ristorante in Huntsville September, 2010.  Nick's remains a one of a kind establishment built on the foundation of inviting people to our house for cocktails and dinner in an awesome atmosphere and making sure they feel at home.

In December, 2014 we had the opportunity to visit with some of our relatives in Montaguto.  The pictures are of 2nd cousin, Dominico Delmonte and his wife Giulia.  The second one of our 2nd cousin on grandmother's side, Concetina Garofalo and her husband, Rafaelle Bruno. The third one is the door of the house where Nunni lived.  Also pictured are some shots of Dom's Ristorante in Montaguto. Click here to visit Dom's Website.  It is interesting to note the similarities of the bar at Dom's and at Nick's……..obviously linked in the DNA somewhere in the past!

Nick, Kaye, Chef Tom and the entire Staff at Nick's Ristorante welcome you to our home and trust you will feel like Family!

Grazie e Ciao