Our Food

The Best Steak in North Alabama

Why are the steaks so good at Nick’s?  We start with only the best quality beef using Certified Angus Beef (CAB) prime which is not to be confused with Black Angus or Angus beef.   CAB is in the top 6% of all beef produced in the US and must meet stringent quality control standards.  In order to serve CAB we must be registered with them and serve only CAB.  Our beef come from 3 particular farms in the upper Midwest and each must maintain the quality standards or we move to another of the 3.  Our beef is aged 21 days and packaged especially for Nick’s Ristorante.  Add to the quality of the beef the Best Chef in The Valley for 2014 and you end up with the best steak in North Alabama an honor bestowed upon us by The Cattleman’s Association.

Northern Italian Cuisine

There are a multitude of Italian restaurants in The Valley.  They are what we classify as American Italian and are good at what they do provide.  If you seek true Northern Italian Cuisine then  Nick’s is the place for you.  The recipes are 3rd generation from The Old Country as Nick’s Nonna Delmonte came over on the boat landing at Ellis Island.  Nick grew up on these recipes and  holds them near and dear to his heart and soul.  So next time you think Italian/think authentic Northern Italian not American Italian.  Light and flavorful Veal Picatta or scrumptious Chicken Marsala…….the way Nonna Delmonte created it. Nick’s Cousin Dominic still owns and operates a Ristorante in Montaguto just outside of Naples so the recipes are intact.

The Freshest Seafood

When you consider seafood you only want the freshest and highest quality; which is what Nick’s buys and prepares.  We search near and far to only obtain the best for our guests.  As examples our Mussels come from Prince Edward Island.  Our gargantuan Crab Legs come to us from the Bearing Sea (watch The Deadliest Catch to see how this is done) and no one in The Valley can compare to that offering/they won’t even try.  We also prepare a Fresh Catch on weekends that is always comprised of the best and freshest seafood and prepared in our kitchen by Chef Joey and his staff………if it isn’t the tops in quality we will not buy it nor serve it.

Delicious Desserts

The desserts at Nick’s are also all freshly prepared in our kitchen and mostly created by Nick’s wife Sherry who taught the Team how to build these tantalizing treats.  Again light and flavorful as is done in Northern Italy.